Betty Crane, Franklin County Election Coordinator
Post Office Box 1047
200 North Kaufman Street
Mount Vernon, TX 75457
Office # 903-537-8357​
Fax # 903-537-2962




Required Identification for Voting in Person

​Procedure to get an Election Identification Certificate- (also known as EIC)

Click here Application for an Election Identification Certificate​​(DL-14C)​​

Call (903-537-4539) the Franklin County Sheriff's office to check their schedule to accept applications for Election Identification Certificates.​
​Please take documentation with you to verify your: U.S. citizenship and Identity

Franklin County Sheriff's Office​​
Call 903-537-4539 to check the EIC hours of Operation
Law Enforcement Center
​208 Highway 37
Mount Vernon, TX 75457​​​​

Primary Elections - Early Voting February 18 - 28, 2020

Election Day - March 3, 2020​
     ​Application to Vote by Mail - Can start ACCEPTING Applications for 2020 on January 1, 2020
IMPORTANT NOTE - You are required to put your PARTY preference on the application so we will know which type of ballot to send you.  Also needed - residence address (911 address).  If you are 65 or over or have a DISABILITY, you may indicate ANNUAL APPLICATION and this assures you will receive ballots for all elections in 2020.

What do I need to be able to vote?​