If you do not have any of the following acceptable forms of ID you may apply for an Election Identification Certificate (EIC) at no charge. However, if you already have any of the following forms of ID, you are NOT eligible for an EIC:

Texas driver license—unexpired or expired less than 4 years
Texas Election Identification Certificate (EIC)​ - unexpired or expired less than 4 years

Texas identification card—unexpired or expired less than 4 years
Texas license to carry a handgun license—unexpired or expired less than 4 years
U.S. passport—unexpired or expired less than 4 years
U.S. military identification with photo
U.S. citizenship certificate with photo​​

Voters who do not possess one of the above IDs and cannot reasonably obtain it are eligible to vote by signing a declaration of reasonable impediment and showing any of an array of alternative IDs listed below​​.

Valid voter registration certificate
Certified copy of your birth certificate 
Copy of or original current utility bill
Copy of or original bank statement
Copy of or original government check
Copy of or original paycheck
Copy of or original government document with your name and address (original required if it contains a photograph​​​​​)

Procedure to get an Election Identification Certificate- (also known as EIC)

Click here Application for an Election Identification Certificate​​(DL-14C)​​

Call (903-537-4539) the Franklin County Sheriff's office to check their schedule to accept applications for Election Identification Certificates.​ Please take documentation with you to verify your:  U.S. citizenship and Identity

Franklin County Sheriff's Office​​
Call 903-537-4539 to check the EIC hours of Operation
Law Enforcement Center
​208 Highway 37
Mount Vernon, TX 75457​​​​

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PRIMARY ELECTION - March 6, 2018

I am needing Democratic Election Judges in Precincts 101, 202, 301 and 302
​for the March 6, 2018 Primary Election. You must be a registered voter
​in Franklin County and live in one of the mentioned precincts.
​ Call 903-537-8357 - ask for Betty